Andrew Burrell is a designer of virtual environments


Andrew Burrell (Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication at the University of Technology Sydney) is a practice-based researcher and educator exploring virtual and digitally mediated environments as a site for the construction, experience and exploration of memory as narrative. His ongoing research investigates the relationship between imagined and remembered narrative and how the multi-layered biological and technological encoding of human subjectivity may be portrayed within, and inform the design of, virtual and augmented environments. Andrew's networked projects in virtual and augmented environments have received international recognition.


Create NSW 360 VISION

A collaborative partnership between myself and Agatha Gothe-Snape has recently received $20,000 funding from the New South Wales government as part …

MAAS Research Fellowship

Rachel Hendery, Kate Richards and myself have come together to work on an experimental project with a software output we are calling the Fields of …

Recent Projects