A series of more-than-human narrative collaborations

overGround:underStory was commissioned by runway journal as part of the asemic issue and its creation centered around a residency at Bundanon in now-Australia — a transitional rural/bush-land zone.

"Continuing the gesture of cohesive ambiguity and manoeuvring, we find a system of tensions and abysses in Andrew Burrell’s overGround:underStory. A spectral realm of perceptible and inexact degrees of unknowing encounters is configured." (Runway Editorial)

OverGround:underStory is a more-than-human collaboration borne out of an entangled network of relationships between Andrew Burrell and the physical/digital ecologies they exist within. Signs of non-human mark making are sought within physical ecologies (animal+, vegetable+, mineral+) and are reinterpreted in and by digital ecologies (image generation, image recognition, text generation, www networks, code). OverGround:underStory is a work that requests time for exploration. In order that you too may become enmeshed in its network, it requires a slow and reflective approach.

web outcome: overground-understory.net

webXR immersive experience for HMD (quest etc.): overground-understory.net/world3_hmd

Credits and Attribution

Originally conceived as part of a commission from Runway Journal

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