Making the Green One Red

A performance and a multimedia immersive installation. We ask the question, what happens when the witches tell the story of Macbeth?

A project in collaboration with: Kereen Ely-Harper

A mixed reality artwork and performance for a real and virtual audience with live actors in a physical space and virtual actors in a virtual space. Together these elements create an interactive ‘third space’ for the audience to become part of. The project incorporates multiple layers of interaction, and brings the audience into a world woven by the Witches of the Macbeth narrative full of reflections, mirages and doubles.

The virtual environment becomes an extension of the characters’ personas, an environment which allows their entire psychology to be explored in its fullest and where we emphasise concepts of duality, mirrored selves, imagined outcomes and reflexive relationships.

We have created our own narrative paths through the Shakespeare’s text, following these tropes of duality , but at the same time, we have been determined to respect the language of the play, and within this find inspiration for both linguistic and poetic inspirations.


Credits and Attribution

Making the Green One Red, was made with the assistance of the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body.

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