A generative conversation created in real time from the hopes and fears of millions of Twitter users.

A project in collaboration with: Chris Rodley

Project website: everythingisgoingtobeok.net

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK :) is a collaboration with writer Chris Rodley.

Millions of people are sharing their intimate secrets on social media. Every day, over 300 people across the globe will tweet “don’t leave me” to their significant others or try to reassure anxious loved ones by tweeting the words “everything is going to be OK”.

Part of the Underbelly Arts Festival held on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island in August 2013, Everything Is Going To Be OK addresses this unprecedented intrusion of private thoughts into the public sphere, and how the smallest details of our emotional lives are being appropriated and aggregated by remorseless, corporate-controlled data streams that come to mirror our hopes, fears and personalities.

“Everything is Going to Be OK :) invites the audience into the very public/private lives of others, via large scale projection of Twitter feeds curated by the artists utilising innovative coding technology. The work is equal parts playful, poignant and highly engaging. It simultaneously interrogates and celebrates the social media vernacular of the current generation.” - Jain Moralee, Executive Director of Underbelly Arts

Interview in Broadsheet: broadsheet.com.au/sydney/art-and-design/article/twitter-art-everything-going-be-ok


Credits and Attribution

This project was commissioned by the Underbelly Arts Festival 2013.

A final iteration for iPad was exhibited and performed live as a curated artwork of the Electronic Literature Organization conference Media Arts Show in Milwaukee, USA in June 2014

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