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‘Loft’ is a webVR narrative experience. It consists of a self contained environment that plays out for the viewer based on its own logic. With limited agency granted to them, the viewer’s role will initially feel like one of pure observations, but as the world unfolds around them, they will find that their point of observation, and how they choose to navigate the space, will make critical differences to how they experience the narrative and logic of this world.


‘Loft’ premiered at the 2017 ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Art Community WebVR Online Exhibition – Immersive Expressions.


‘Loft’ was created while in residence at FrontYard in Marrickville, Australia.


Credits and Attribution

This project was made possible through the support of FrontYard project space, Marrickville, NSW, Australia


Visual and interaction design consultation: Nori Beppu


Audio: Original audio created with the musical assistance of Christopher Hodge


Audio :