Eugenie Lee’s “Seeing is Believing”

I created the Virtual Reality experience for Eugenie Lee’s “Seeing is Believing”.


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Seeing is Believing is an experimental art and science collaborative project that  conveys a type of chronic pain called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Through a one-on-one interaction between the artist and a participant, the interactive performance installation conveys a metaphorical experience of chronic pain by manipulating each participant’s multisensory experience using the latest technologies.


The project is based on neuroscience research showing that pain is integrated with the person’s environment. It can be influenced by many factors, including vision, touch, hearing, expectations and/or previous experiences.


Seeing is Believing is an exercise to demonstrate, contrary to the common belief that pain reflects only the amount of tissue damage, that the brain can still produce perceptions of pain even in the absence of physical injury. It is also an artistic way of externalising an inherently internal experience, so that the audience can experience something of what it is like to have CRPS.


Seeing is Believing VR
Seeing is Believing VR